James Redfield's Foreword

In “The Well,” physician and writer, R. Chapman Wesley, has penned a mythical story, paralleling the cataclysmic issues of our time.

What if a singular scientific discovery could substantiate an ancient legend and “fulfill the quest for perfect health, and the yearning for a disease-free life of extra-normal vitality during a lifespan of one’s own choosing?”

But what if that same discovery, in corrupt and evil hands, might lead to the malevolent extortion of power and wealth and world domination through the threat of certain death?

This is the dilemma that physician-scientist, Dr. Rex Lee, must confront in an epic journey of synchronous events in which he departs the modern world of scientific discovery and arrives to a fateful rendezvous with “The Unseen.”  

Secluded from our world, “The Unseen” are an indigenous tribe, who are the Keepers of the Secrets and the Protectors of “The Well.” It is they who have discovered that the true “Well” lies within each of us, already an embedded perfection of ourselves, given by the One Universal Mind, simply awaiting a recognition to unleash the perfection. 

Although our understanding of reality and our wonderous use of its knowledge can be increasingly described by a multiplicity of mathematical concepts, equations, and numbers, “The Unseen” understand, resonate with, apply, and manifest the simple concept that “One is the Only Number, and that the Only Number is One.” From this standpoint, resonance with The One is a basis by which an individual mind can foster any new creation, any new reality, including the gift of perfect health.

In his modern Odyssey, R. Chapman Wesley has made an excellent case for drawing sustenance from “The Well” and has delivered a fast-paced, mystery-driven, visual, cinematic epic.

James Redfield, Author of the Celestine Prophecy