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Dr. Wesley performing a cardiac electrophysiology procedure at the Third Hospital, Ulanbaatar, Mongolia July 2017
Indigenous Girl, Amazonian rainforest, Brazil
Young Dr. Wesley, age 4, examining his brother Ron, age 3
Thai painting of Buddha, analogous to the Monk of The Well
A.E.A.E.S., The Afro-Eurasian Ecliptical Society, a vehicle for the enhancement and transformation of world culture
A threaded Mexican tapestry of an indigenous healer, analogous to Amu of The Well, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2002
Dr. Wesley with his then senior high school mentee, Christian Addison Smith
Taoist Calligraph of The Wella, a gift from Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha
Heart team between cases.
Third Hospital, Ulanbaataar, Mongolia July 2017
Dr. Wesley, Ted Lucas, and Nikki Terbish, RN with post- procedure patient. 
Third Hospital, Ulanbaataar, Mongolia July 2017
Dr. Wesley with Master Wong
at Bangkok Wing Chun Kung Fu